About Me

My coaching journey began several years ago. Although I enjoyed my work as a freelance health writer and book collaborator, I wanted more. I’d survived cancer twice, my parents had passed away, and my children were growing up. I wanted to do something new, something that really mattered and that gave me an opportunity to engage with people in a different, more meaningful way. But I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was stuck.

A friend recommended that I work with a professional life coach. I did, and I found the experience incredibly helpful. Because I had no specific passion or dream that I felt compelled to pursue, my coach encouraged me to have fun exploring possibilities, and to learn from the process. While continuing to work as a health writer, I tried many other things—working in a bookstore, teaching college classes, designing and selling jewelry, doing various types of volunteer work. I enjoyed all of those experiences and learned from each one. But I wanted something different. Something more.

As I continued my search, I reflected on everything I had learned about myself during the time I had worked with my coach. That’s when it clicked: I didn’t just want to WORK with a coach. I wanted to BE a coach. All around me, people were talking about wanting to get more from their lives. More joy. More meaning. More accomplishment. More fun! I wanted that for them, too. And I knew that coaching could help them find those things.

I signed up for coach training, and within the first few minutes of the first class, I knew I’d found what I’d been looking for.

I love being a coach. It’s so fulfilling to watch my clients make changes that move them toward a more meaningful, purposeful life. Sometimes the changes are small, and sometimes they’re big. Either way, they make a significant difference in my clients’ lives.

I’ve seen the power of coaching for myself and for my clients. It truly can transform your life.

Contact me to talk about how coaching can help you live a more fulfilling life.