Is Coaching for You?

People turn to coaching for help with various kinds of challenges, including:

  • Life change: Exploring options during transition, adjusting to an empty nest, reconsidering your future after a health shock such as cancer or a heart attack
  • Health: Taking control of your health, adhering to a medical regimen, making health behavior changes such as losing weight or getting in shape
  • Creativity: Writing a book, launching a new endeavor, breaking through a creativity block, starting a business
  • Relationships: Building new friendships, strengthening relationships with family or co-workers, starting to date again
  • Passion: Breaking out of a rut, chasing a dream, engaging more fully in your life
  • Career: Finding a new job, making a shift in your career, launching your career as a young adult, charting a new course after a layoff, being more productive at work

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