Coaching FAQs

Interested in learning more about me and the coaching process? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

Does coaching work?

Coaching helped me, I’ve seen it help my clients, and its value has been confirmed by research. When researchers look at the effectiveness of coaching, they find that it can improve productivity, increase self-confidence, help build better relationships, reduce bad habits, and increase people’s ability to set and reach goals. Studies have also found that people who participate in coaching have better work/life balance, manage their time more effectively, and report a higher quality of life than those who don’t. To learn more about the science behind coaching, read this article from the Institute of Coaching at Harvard’s McLean Hospital.

Who benefits most from coaching?

You’re most likely to benefit from coaching if you believe in it, take it seriously, and work on your goals between coaching sessions. Coaching is most successful when you commit to honest self-examination and self-discovery throughout the process.

Shouldn’t I be able to set and reach goals on my own, without the help of a coach?

Yes, and you usually do. We all set and achieve goals on our own all the time. But sometimes—especially with important life choices–we get stuck, and for whatever reason we need help. Or we make a plan but have trouble motivating ourselves to follow through. That’s normal. Coaching helps when change is hard. If it were easy, you already would have done it.

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching rates are similar to those of other professional services. However, I want coaching to be affordable for everyone, so I offer flexible rates that vary based on client circumstances.

Is coaching worth my investment of time and money?

Many people find that coaching is worth the money because it’s an investment in their future. Clients who come to coaching are often stuck—they’ve been trying to make changes on their own for months or years, and they just can’t figure out how to move forward. It’s up to you to decide what price you’ve been paying for being stuck, and compare it to what value you place on the changes that coaching can help you achieve. I believe that the investment you make in coaching is a minimal price to pay for the benefits it provides.

Isn’t coaching just talking?

Yes, coaching is talking. But it’s so much more, because of the kinds of conversations that coaches and clients have. As a coach I am trained to lead you through a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to look at your life with fresh eyes and to see your potential in a new light. I also help you recognize self-sabotage, uncover limiting beliefs, restructure the thoughts that hold you back, and overcome roadblocks that may trip you up. Coaching provides the structure, framework, and motivation to see your world in a different way, as well as the brainstorming and feedback that guide you to make choices that lead to meaningful change.

What are coaching sessions like?

We talk two to four times per month, depending on your preference and your coaching goals. Sessions typically last about 45 minutes and can be done by phone, Skype, or in person. Depending on the direction our coaching takes and what kinds of goals you set, we may check in between calls by email or text. Accountability check-ins help keep you on track. I also may give you homework before or after a coaching call that will encourage self-discovery and help focus your thinking. Homework is optional, but can be a powerful coaching tool.

Will our conversations be kept confidential?

Absolutely. I promise full confidentiality.

What if I try coaching and don’t like it?

You can stop whenever you’d like and receive a full refund for any upcoming sessions that you’ve already paid for. Like any other relationship, a successful coach/client relationship depends to some extent on chemistry. If at any point it feels like we’re not clicking as a team, that’s OK. I am happy to refer you to a trusted coaching colleague.

How do I know if coaching is working?

When coaching works, you feel energized and optimistic. The load you’ve been carrying starts to feel a little lighter. You don’t necessarily have immediate answers and specific goals—although sometimes you do—but you do begin to have an idea of how to move yourself forward in the direction that you want to go.

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