Do You Want to Change Your Life? Consider Life Coaching

When I tell people I’m a life coach, most of them don’t really understand what life coaching is. But once we start delving into it, the concept of life coaching really resonates. That’s because it speaks to their desire to live a more meaningful, fulfilling life.

In a nutshell, life coaching is a process that guides you through change. It helps move you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Coaching can help you if you want your future to look different than your present. It may be for you if:

  • You want more from life—more fulfillment, more purpose, more joy
  • You want less from life—less stress, less frustration, less boredom
  • You feel stuck

When we work together, we don’t dwell on your past. Instead, we explore and envision a more fulfilling future. Together we make a plan, set goals, and identify specific action steps that will move you forward. Then, we hold you accountable as you start taking action.

Along the way, we talk about how to overcome roadblocks, confront self-sabotage, and challenge limiting beliefs. Aligned as a team, we focus completely on you and the steps you can take to make meaningful change.

Here’s what one of my clients said about her coaching experience:

“Alice coached me through a time of transition, when I was making decisions about what I should do about my career. She helped me explore my options and figure out what direction to go with my work. It was so helpful to have a coach to talk to about setting goals and holding myself accountable.”

And another said this:

“I worked with Alice to help me focus on health goals. She is a great listener, warm and easy to talk to. I was at ease the first time I talked with her and after our first call we were able to plan actions to help me achieve my goals. She respected my options and views without judgment. The session always ended on a positive note and with something to think about or actions to do that would help me and motivate me to reach my goals. I highly recommend Alice as a life coach, you will never regret your decision to make the first contact with her.”

As a life coach, I specialize in four areas:

  • Life transition (empty nest, relocation, divorce)
  • Health behavior change (losing weight, becoming more active, eating better, reducing stress)
  • Cancer survivorship (been there)
  • Writing (fiction or non-fiction)

If there’s something in your life that you’d like to change, let’s talk. Contact me for a complimentary coaching session.


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